Titanium Heart Earrings - Pair 1

Titanium Heart Earrings - Pair 1


These earrings have a Titanium body with sterling silver ear wires. Titanium hearts are hand pierced, sanded, colorized, and lightly shaped. The colorization of each heart is individual and unique so there will be slight variations within the pair. This pair has a gradual rainbow color shift.


Titanium is a heat reactive metal. Each piece starts out as gunmetal gray and as heat is applied the color changes through a rainbow of colors. The color is permanent in this case you can see varying shades of purple, pink, blue, green and yellow.


100% handmade by me. A little under an inch and a half long and super light weight. Each pair ships boxed ready for gifting. 

Thank you for visiting! If you're local to Harrisonburg, contact me for pickup or delivery - xo, Anna

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Handmade jewelry by Anna Hudick