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Here you'll find our newest designs paired with classic staples. Happy Shopping! ~xo, Anna

Longing for the Beach

Handmade One Of A Kind Jewelry

All of our jewelry tells a story. This story is about childhood memories and spending time at the beach. Playing in the surf, jumping over the tiny waves, falling down, giggling trying to stand up only to get knocked down again. Screaming with joy at finding that perfect shell, and then, then there was sea kelp. The five year old screaming at the sea kelp wrapped around her ankle. All of these things, I miss and cherish, finding that perfect shell - maybe not the sea kelp ~ xo, Anna

Lapis and Moonstone Pendant
Fresh Water Pearl Dusters
Lapis and London Blue Topaz Necklace
London Blue Topaz Ring
Fresh Water Pearl Bracelets
Wavy Hoop Earrings

Shades of Fall

Handmade One Of A Kind Jewelry

Fall is hands down my favorite time of year! Summer days last a bit longer in September, and then that special Fall air seems to appear out of nowhere. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? The leaves change color, the saturation in the air is replaced by a cool crispness. Football games are in full swing, and so are turtlenecks, leather jackets, and new boots! That's what this collection is all about. Pair any of these jewelry pieces with your fall wardrobe and get ready to cheer for your favorite team.

Black Druzy Earrings
Turquoise Hoop Earrings
Montana Agate Pendant
Bao Canyon Statement Ring
Bamboo Jasper Necklace
Prehnite Ring

Date Night

Handmade One Of A Kind Jewelry

Looking for something special for date night?  You'll find it here. Whether it's your first date or your 30 Year Anniversary, we have the perfect piece of jewelry. After you've picked out your outfit. After you've put on that perfect shade of red lipstick. After selecting your favorite perfume, you're ready to put on those earrings that frame your face, the ring that shows your independence, and the necklace that pulls everything together.

Date Night Asymmetrical Rutile Quartz Earrings
Winter Collection Hoops
Inside My Locket - date night ring
The Winter Collection Necklace
Winter Collection Bracelet
Inside My Locket - Date Night
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