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"Jewelry is like the perfect spice - it compliments what's already there." ~ Diane Von Furstenberg

Meet Inside My Locket and
Founder Anna Hudick

Every piece of jewelry tells a story, and hearts are at the center of our brand story. Within our collections you’ll find my connection to hearts and lockets, from subtle and understated to obvious and statement pieces. We handcraft jewelry using sterling silver, 18kt gold, and ethically sourced natural gemstones saturated in color. Many pieces use 100% recycled materials from the center stone to the sterling silver. Giving back is always on our mind, so you’ll also find individual pieces, or even entire collections, devoted to giving back or paying it forward for the next generation. 


Inside My Locket is so much more than a name, or about creating lockets. I chose Inside My Locket as my business name because lockets are keepsakes of treasured memories. And when asked about what's inside the locket, that's when those memories flourish and thrive, as they're being retold and handed down. Inside My Locket jewelry is created as a way to share my story with you and have my own memories flourish. But my hope is that you will create your own treasured memory by wearing or gifting that special piece.

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A Creative From The Beginning Turned Professional Engineer Turned Creative Business Owner.

What I'm

Currently it's clay court season so you'll likely find me glued to the TV in the evening catching up on the tennis matches I missed during the day.


What I'm

Later this year I have a class scheduled  to learn how to use wax to design jewelry. I feel it will be challenging for me because it's the opposite of the way I create now. With wax carving you take away the bits you don't want in your design. In metalsmithing you add the elements you want. Starting with a blank sheet of metal and adding to it until you get a full design. I'm hoping to be able to implement some of the wax carving techniques by the end of the year to add some details to my designs that you'll love!


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What I

Life is a 'Work In Progress' and so am I. I love this quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.


"If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way!"


I try my best to fulfill this image in life and in the jewelry that I make for you. My best today, may not be my best tomorrow, but tomorrow's best may be better than today.

A little more about me...

Fun Facts

I'm a licensed Mechanical Engineer and Certified Lighting Designer

My Favorite Jewelry

  • A heart necklace from my father

  • An antique ring from my parents

  • A blue diamond stud I bought for myself





Favorite Seasons

My Favorite Things

Maine Coon Cats

Homemade Dessert

Decorating for Christmas


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