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Fantasy Blue Corvette Earrings

Fantasy Blue Corvette Earrings



These American Muscle earrings are called 'Fantasy'  because that's what the lapidary artists refer to the piece when it has it's original 'skin' in tact  - beyond that I would just call them stunning! To me these earrings have movement, almost like sand at the shoreline of the beach.  When you're standing at the shoreline and the wave that just washed in retreats back to the ocean, you're left with the fun sand formation beneath your toes.


These multi-color "stones" are layers of paint from the Corvette factory. The paint grows like a stalactite in a cave. The lapidary artist cuts, shapes, and polishes it just like they would any stone. They've been mounted on a classic wavy hoop


Sterling silver and Fordite are 100% recycled materials.


About 2.5 inches long and light weight. One-Of-A-Kind. Check out Jen from The Harper Girls ( in the last photo to see them on!

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