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Asymmetrical Blue Corvette Fordite Earrings Front View

Skylark Sally Asymmetrical Fordite Earrings



I love these asymmetrical blue Corvette Earrings! It's true, they are large enough that they could be considered small pendants the way I designed the 'hoops' that they dangle from, but look how stunning they are as earrings! Jen from The Harper Girls has paired them with our blue Corvette pendant for a complete set.


When you hear the words American Muscle do you think of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, or do you think of the '65 Mustang convertible, or maybe the '59 Corvette? No answer is wrong by the way, but in this case, referring to these earrings, American muscle refers to the Corvette. The multi-color "stones" of Fordite are layers of paint from the Corvette factory. The paint grows like a stalactite in a cave. The lapidary artist cuts, shapes, and polishes it just like they would any stone. I've left a small reveal in each bezel so you can see the paint layers.


Sterling silver and Fordite are 100% recycled materials.


About 3 inches long and light weight. One-Of-A-Kind. Hallmarked on the back

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