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Labradorite Cuff Bracelet Front View

Bold Labradorite Cuff Bracelet


Can't you just see yourself floating in that deep blue-green water?


Labradorite is one of my favorite stones, it's just so hard to capture the irradiance in a photo. This piece has a lovely mandella carved into, and as a bracelet you'll be able to see each of the beautiful facets of color no matter which way you turn your wrist. You'll see this double rail design on a lot of my larger cuff bracelets. It gives extra stability while still maintaining a light, airy yet graceful appearance. The bottom rail is embossed with a gorgeous paisly design on the outside, while the top rail has the same design on the inside.


Perfect for all the seasons, although I would love to see this with your LBD!


Sterling silver given a light patina. Hallmarked on the back. Fits a medium to large size wrist. One Of A Kind

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