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Cyclone Cindy Fordite Ring

Cyclone Cindy Fordite Ring


Fordite and Sterling Silver Handmade Ring by Inside My Locket Jewelry


A generous piece of GM Fordite set in sterling silver in the East West direction. A double wavy band design plays off of the paint swirls in this Blue, White and Metallic Silver Fordite. Cyclone Cindy named  after the American Muscle car Mercury Cyclone will look fantastic with your favorite sundress this summer.


Fordite is paint slag from the automotive industry, made available from the invention of the spray gun in 1930. Fordite was made in automotive plants for years, with most material coming from Michigan. In the late 1970's new methods of applying paint halted the amount of availble paint slag. This is indeed a rare material and a really cool part of history for car enthusiasts around the world! Between the Fordite and the sterling silver, this ring is made of 100% recycled materials.



A PERFECT fit if you normally wear a size 8.5.



Handmade by Artist Anna Hudick, OOAK, size 8.5.

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