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Fordite And Sterling Silver Split Ring

Cobra Connie Fordite Ring


Fordite and Sterling Silver Handmade Ring by Inside My Locket Jewelry


A smaller size Fordite doubled up with an ingot of silver packs a punch of goodness! If you're not sure about Fordite, this ring is the perfect way to test it out. A lot of color in a small design makes it easy to pair with your most classic staples like hoops and diamonds.


Fordite is paint slag from the automotive industry, made available from the invention of the spray gun in 1930. Fordite was made in automotive plants for years, with most material coming from Michigan. In the late 1970's new methods of applying paint halted the amount of availble paint slag. This is indeed a rare material and a really cool part of history for car enthusiasts around the world! Between the Fordite and the sterling silver, this ring is made of 100% recycled materials.


To see how it looks on, check out the last two photos - this is Jen from The Harper Girls ( - a perfect fit!


A PERFECT fit if you normally wear a size 8.


Find Jen's other Fordite ring here:


Handmade by Artist Anna Hudick, OOAK, size 8. Light patina.

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