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LeLand Blue Rustic Earrings

LeLand Blue Rustic Earrings




Perfect pale blue Leland Blue from the shores of Michigan. The lapidary artist I bought these Leland Blue cabochons from grew up in Michigan, and now sells much of what he's collected over the years.


Leland Blue is slag produced from the Iron smelting process used in the late 1800's from the Leland Lake Superior Iron Company.  Even though Leland Blue isn't an actual gemstone I still find it quite beautiful as it comes in many colors from greens, to blues as well as purple shades.


Sterling silver and Leland Blue are 100% recycled materials.


Duster length at about 4 inches long. One-Of-A-Kind. Hammered finish and light patina. Pair them with your favorite jeans and white t-shirt!

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