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Open Heart Earrings

Open Heart Earrings


These open heart earrings have a similar feel of a classic hoop earring. Heavily textured and light weight sterling silver hoop style. A beautiful take on the classic heart shape with differing textured details throughout.


A perfect gift for all of the women in your life! Each heart pair is hand-fabricated and will differ slightly than the pair you keep for yourself.


Sterling silver, total earring length just under 2.5"


I'm over the moon to be featured in the Sunday Edit for Women's History Month this March of 2023! Here's an active link, and here's what Lindsay Tigar had to say:


"As we wrap up Women’s History Month, there’s no better way to honor the achievements, genius, and creativity of female entrepreneurship than buying from woman-owned and operated brands. Across all consumer categories, including food and beverage, home goods, pregnancy and postpartum, and more, we’ve selected the 50 most inspiring female-founded companies in the country: one from each state! As you give a little somethin’ to the women in your life to celebrate the month of March (and beyond), consider one of these impressive businesses:


Anna Hudick, founder of Inside My Locket, established 2018

While you might have loved your locket growing up, have you considered upgrading to an adult version? With this female-owned brand, you can find something for your current style that still tells your story. They handcraft their pieces with sterling silver, 18K gold, and ethically sourced gemstones. Most of their products are created using 100 percent recycled materials, so you will also support the planet. 

Editor’s pick: Open Heart Earrings, $60

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